College Admissions

There is no charge to participate in GtJ’s Summer Journey Program. By the end of the program we will have helped each participant to complete 3 college applications including:

  • Guidance on writing their personal statement essays
  • 3 completed college admissions applications (Application fees are paid by the program)
  • SAT Testing (Travel to and Test fees are paid by the program)
  • 3 college campus tours
  • FAFSA; One-on-one counseling to complete FAFSA financial aid form (scholarship lists are provided for review)

Exploring History

Without a firm grounding in the past, we cannot move forward. Discussions and adventures in African history are threaded throughout the entire program. Students participate in workshops, meetings, lectures and activities, learning about the histories, and cultures of Africa. They build the knowledge necessary for strengthening identity and leading change through honest introspection, interaction, and experiential learning.  This part of the program is based on the Sankofa/Never Forget principle: without a firm grounding in the past, we cannot move forward. Knowledge of African contributions to politics, history, art and literature in the diaspora is interwoven to broaden understanding of the past and spark a new, engaged consciousness that helps them discover the power within themselves.

Career Profiling with a Twist

Our participants travel and meet interesting trailblazers, leaders, artists, and other experts in the African diaspora which empower students to reach for their biggest dreams! During the Summer Journey program students get an intimate, behind-the-scenes, experience with exciting people in exciting careers.

Strengthening Identity

Through our activities, discussions and workshops, students will get a greater understanding about themselves, their communities, and their identities as African youth in the diaspora. Our participants will study in-depth the African experience in our country by visiting key cultural, political, historical and artistic sites. Our students will share their own stories and learn from each other, spending time exploring issues, having honest dialogue, and developing steadfast relationships that strengthens identity and develops confidence.

College Tours

Get on the Bus! Guiding the Journey staffers and volunteers take participants to 3 college campuses on the East Coast for a day long tour of colleges where we meet with college admissions officers, college students and financial aid representatives.

Creating Leaders

We realize that a good education is one steeped in knowledge of history that creates leaders to solve challenges our communities face right now. With our Summer Journey Program, Guiding the Journey hopes to identify and nurture these emerging leaders with knowledge, tools, and resources they need to lead change.