Thank you for your interest in participating in Guiding the Journey’s Summer Journey Program. To apply for the program for 2015, please use the links below to access our Application and Recommendation Forms.

To learn more about the program, please download our recruitment brochure.


1.1 No student shall be accepted into a class of Guiding the Journey without having submitted a complete application and written recommendations by the publicized due date. Due date extensions may be made by staff as circumstances warrant.

1.2 No student shall be admitted into a class of Guiding the Journey without satisfactory participation in the interview process.

1.3 No applicant shall receive preferential treatment or a favorable review of his or her application based on having a relationship with any current or past participant, current or former Board member, staff member, volunteer and/or donor.

1.4 Any volunteer, donor, Board or staff member who has a relationship (i.e. is a friend, mentor, teacher, or has knowledge of an applicant that makes objective evaluation of the applicant a challenge) will be deemed to have a conflict of interest when assessing an applicant’s candidacy.

1.5 Any volunteer or staff member who is involved with selecting students for participation in a class must divulge any conflicts of interest as defined above prior to interviewing and evaluating the student. The Chair(s) of the Recruitment Selection Committee (at his/her/their sole discretion) will determine how to resolve said conflict(s).

The strength of GtJ’s program relies on the commitment of our students. Participants must be: open to different opinions and ideas; enthusiastic about contributing honestly and respectfully; and able to attend the scheduled workshops, site visits, campus visits and retreats for the Summer Journey Program. (Students are allowed two excused absences.)

Selection Process
Students are interviewed and selected by a volunteer committee. Staff does not play a role in the selection of individual students, only in ensuring a geographically and institutionally balanced class.

Up to twenty-four students are accepted annually into each GtJ class, which is equally divided between and females and males.